Monday, October 24, 2011

Holy Autumn, Batman!!!

Ok, so, for the three of you that read this blog, I apologize for the really long hiatus. I know everyone's life is extremely busy especially if you have kids, but let's face it, some handle it better than others. And I, well, I guess I am just not a very good juggler. I feel completely crazy all day pretty much every single day.

Don't get me wrong, just because it's crazy doesn't mean it's not good. LIFE IS GOOD!!! I am loving teaching part time and I can't think of anything I would rather be doing while not at home with the girls. It is truly a blessing to have this opportunity, but I tell you for the first two months of classes, I mean first two solid months, I felt that completely out-of routine feeling you get when one of your cars, either yours or your spouse's is in the shop and you are trying to figure out who has the kids and who is dropping whom off at which place when and when will you get picked up or are you doing the picking up and so on and so on. Like I said, not a great juggler. But the juggling is so that I can do what I want to do and still have the girls at home. Although Melaina is at school until noon everyday which is a Godsend! And don't let me forget the wonderful lady who comes to watch the girls once a week during the day when I am at school for a solid day. As far as I'm concerned, she walks on water!

So now, even though we are still juggling, I have adapted to the chaos somewhat. The girls are doing great and Melaina turned 4 yesterday!!! Photos...

Melaina and her bestest bestie, Brooke along with her partner in crime from school, Alex. I think we have a crush on our hands.

Shhh...don't disturb her. She is in cake land...

Tom and I have even had some opportunities to sing together, well one, but still, that never happens! Life is grand. Well, life is a grand old glorious mess and I'm trying to cope with it. So here are some photos that span the last several weeks since my last post. I promise to be a better blogger now that I've got a seemingly good grip on reality these days...Hahaha who am I kidding!

A few Saturdays ago we had lunch at Williams Hardware in TR then walked a bit on the Swamp Rabbit Trail.
One of Melaina's fun Birthday weekend activities was an impromptu carriage ride for the whole fam - Grandma and Papa, too. Here's our driver (coachman?) smiling for the camera. Oh, and that's new fangled scarf around my neck is Clara who was scared to death for the first 10 minutes or so.

Clara is too cool for school.

Although usually up for adventure, Melaina didn't love picking apples while being on Daddy's shoulders while he was climbing a tree. Wonder why?

Poor thing won't keep a dang bow in her hair to save her life, but she's sweet as can be so who cares. She's looking a little "children of the corn"-esque in this photo, but still more sweet than creepy.
In the mass of pumpkins, no bow, but with sippy cup. All is good.

That girl is serious about her birthday cake gelato.

My four adorable children from left to right: Clara, Gradley (Melaina's imaginary friend), Melaina, and Baby Kitty. See, Tom, we have plenty of children already!!!!!!