Saturday, July 30, 2011

Life and Other Stuff...

It's been while since I last posted and it seems like the entire month of July flew by! There's been some good things and some heartbreaking things that have occurred since I last posted. Everything that has happened, the good and the bad have really caused me to stop, count my blessings and put life in perspective. It sounds so darn cliche, but dang it, I'll say it anyway...every moment is a gift, my friends!

So, lest I become too heavy, here's a video from Melaina's final performance after her week at dance camp. She was a hoot!

Friday, July 8, 2011

The Light at the End of the Tunnel!!

So I wrote a few posts ago about this 21 day cleanse that my husband and I have had the gaul to embark upon. Let me just walk you through the last 18 days of crazy sexiness.

First 5 days of cleanse = HELL. 'Nough said.

Day six: Rounded a corner, feeling much better.

Day seven: Even better

Days eight through twelve: Coffee cravings gone! Sweet cravings, gone!! Enjoying green juice more and more and although this is tough, we are half way through. Woot Woot!!

Days 13, 14: Dear God!!! What the hell was I thinking?!? Major speed bump on the road to being Crazy Sexy!! Sitting in floor with iPad reading the diet book trying to find one reason why I shouldn't give up and call it a day. I mean, what could 21 days do for me that 14 didn't?? Huh?? tell me, you stupid, stinking, self-righteaous, do-gooder, kill joy! (Keepin' it clean on the blog. Won't write what I really said) CLEANSE THIS!!

Deep breath. Namaste.

After having a real heart to heart with myself, on to day 15.

Day 15: Hard, really freakin' hard.

Day 16: Hard, but feeling strong willed and determined...

Day 17: I'm gonna kick this cleanse's booty, but it's still hard.

Day 18: Feeling pretty depleted physically, but my spirits are up, my weight is down and tomorrow is day 19.

Will I ever do this again? Doubtful, but I do know this: I don't miss meat, I don't miss milk. I miss the heck out of some coffee and wine (I guess I love my mood altering beverages, my stimulants and depressants) and two salads a day gets kind of old after awhile.

All in all I am calling it a success!!! Well, with three days to go, that is.

The main thing I have learned about myself is that the growth happens, either physically, spiritually, emotionally, etc when you make it past the breaking point and reach really freakin' deep within yourself and find that all too quiet voice that says "girl, you can do this".

Ok, now for a little melodramatic silliness. No I am not G I Jane, but I love this scene and this drill sergeant's voice is similar to the one in my head that was having a "come to Jesus" meeting with me on day 14... Enjoy.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Clara turns 1!!!

On July 5th, Clara Faye Dickinson turned 1 year old!!! I really can't believe how quickly time has passed and I have to say that I am a little sad that those sweet tiny baby days are behind us. I used to think the same thing of the women who said they were sad that their child was turning 1 as I did those women who said they loved being pregnant. Something like, "Oh, please!!" But really, I have loved this past year with Clara so much. I remember with Melaina I was so excited to reach every milestone that 1 year old seemed much like a victory for the whole family, but it's different this time around. Maybe since I now know by having experienced it before, just how fast it all goes. So, enough with the ho-hum...on with the party!!

We had Clara and Presley's party together on the 4th! Presley's birthday is on the 4th so Laura and I were in the hospital at the same time and I really cherish those memories. How cool is it to have your best friend having a baby around the same time as you much less the actual "same time" as you! Really, we ordered pizza and hung out in each other's rooms. It was just about as much fun as postpartum gets!!

So the party was a blast! It was a pool party followed by pizza and cake. (Tom and I were drooling over the yummy food since we are still on the #$!@-ing cleanse.) The little ones had so much fun as did the older sisters and their buds.

Here are some pics of the par-tay!!

Everyone having fun in the pool...

Me and my Clara...

Melaina and Brooke chowing down with their friend Luke...

Party pic...

There's my Miss America...

These girls were in denial that the party wasn't for them!

The cake and cupcakes! Yum, I just drooled a little...

Us mamas singing "Happy Birthday"...

That cupcake didn't stand a chance...

Presley made a very nice modern art painting with her icing!

This may be my very favorite picture. Sisters and sisters having fun together!!