Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Crazy Sexy or Grumpy Boring?

So a couple of posts ago, I wrote about the "new leaf" that Tom and I have turned over in terms of our outlook on food and our health. Well, we decided to kick it up a notch and go on a 21 day adventure cleanse. That's right, adventure cleanse. Those two words really should not be in the same sentence should they? This cleanse come from the Crazy Sexy Diet by Kris Carr. After day two, Tom decided that it needed a new name...Grumpy Boring Diet because that pretty much described the diet as well as us and our demeanor while beginning the diet.

So why this cleanse? Well, the idea is that our normal diets are very high in acidity and to bring oneself to a more optimum health, ones diet needs to be much more on the alkaline side of things. Acidity increased inflammation. Inflammation is the root cause of many diseases, anxiety issues, mood swings, depression, and down right feeling crummy.

Well let me just tell you that the first 5 days were absolutely hell on earth. Even though we had been eating so much better and getting cozy with our new juicer, we still relied on our comforts that are near and dear to our hearts. These comforts are: coffee (every single morning and sometimes afternoon), wine (a glass, sometimes 2 at least 4 nights a week), the occasional ice cream, cheese (since I had the go ahead from the pediatrician to have dairy again, OMG how much do I love gruyere!!). I could go on, but I am salivating and getting off point.

So here's the deal with the cleanse. No coffee. No alcohol. No meat, dairy, or eggs. No gluten. Pretty much no processed foods. No sugar, refined or pure. Dear God, help me.

So what do we eat on this thing you might ask? Lots and lots of raw vegetables, plenty of cooked ones, some fruit, whole grains like quinoa, brown rice, beans, nuts and that's about it. If we feel absolutely crazy at the end of the day and nothing else will do, we can have two squares of 70% cacao dark chocolate. Sounds like a freakin' party right?

Well, I have to say that we finally turned a corner on day 6 and, speaking for myself although I think my hubby feels the same, I feel pretty fantastic. Really! No kidding. And I have cooked some pretty tasty meals that I was kind of scared of cooking prior to this diet. We are at the end of day 8 and I actually have energy and feel good inside. I know this sounds crazy but I am really seeing that this is not just a cleanse of the body, but emotions, spirit, it's all tied in together.

Now before you start to think that I'm some goody goody, let me just tell you that although I might remain a vegetarian (I just don't miss meat AT ALL), after the 21 days are over some things are coming back into the diet, though hopefully more sparingly than before. These things are COFFEE!!! I just love it, but will keep it to a cup a day. WINE, I mean, have you met me? Again, in moderation (nursing majorly helps keep that one in check. Hmm, maybe I should nurse until Clara goes to college). And maybe the occasional cheese but not often since we think Clara is still allergic to Cow's milk (that's another story entirely).

So I'll keep all of you, all three that read this, updated as to how it's going. Just in case you fancy a look at what all this is about, check out the link to Kris Carr's website "Crazy Sexy Life" She also has a website devoted to the diet and book itself. She has such an amazing story of how being diagnosed with cancer gave her the gumption to take her health and her life back into her own hands...Thank you Erin Paup for introducing me to this whole shebang.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Asheville Part 2

Here are some more pics of our Asheville vacation...

William and Melaina reaching the summit of Mount Mitchell. They had absolutely no idea why they were asked to pose in front of the sign.

The Three Musketeers (Melaina, William, and Emeline) "fishing" in the front yard pond/waterfall.

Everett and Clara in what Tom's uncle Tom named "Baby Gitmo"
(You may think, "Wow, two Toms?" Actually there were three. Tom's cousin is named Tom as well!)

Clara finally free from the stroller at the Arboretum

There's always time for a little song and dance routine...

Two Snow Whites and one Prince Charming!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Whew!! Is life moving at warp speed these days, or is it just me??? It's been forever since I posted anything, so I will try to get caught up in the next few days if I can manage to slip away for a moment or two sans kiddos.

Several weeks ago, Tom's dad came for a visit. We had a great time. Melaina love him to death and we have to reel her in so that she doesn't completely wear him out in one day. She just wants to play play play. It was also so great for Jonathan to see Clara. He hasn't seen her since she was born and she has changed so much.

Here are some photos of the visit...

An original by Melaina complete with the artist's signature written "all by herself"! We are so proud!

A trip to Whole Foods in which Melaina begged to have a driving partner. It was too cute!

The girls with Grandpa at the Runway Cafe.

This is my favorite! Grandpa reading "The Ladybug Girl" to Melaina. She loves her new book, Grandpa!

Asheville part 1

We had a great vacation in Asheville a couple of weeks ago with Tom's family. His mom, step-dad, brother and sister-in-law and their two angels, Tom's cousin's Erica, her hubby and their little man, another cousin Tommy and his fabulous wife and Tom's uncle Tom and Aunt Barb. So, there were 17 in all in one house and it was tons and tons of fun.

The best part was how much fun Melaina had bonding with her cousins. She was pretty much enamored with them instantly and misses them very much.

Here are some photos of the week in Asheville...

The Paup, Dickinson, West, Pilon Reunion
(otherwise known as PAUP-apalooza)
Grandma with all four grandkids! First time we've all been in the same place with all four.

The amazing view from the deck one morning.

This is one of my favorite pictures of the trip. Melaina and her cousin William hiking along like they were born to blaze trails.

And last, but not least...the sign outside "12 Bones", an awesome BBQ joint in Asheville

More pics to come...