Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Chachacha changes!!!!

Holy time warp, Batman!  It has been forever since I have sat down to post anything new.  So for all three of you who read this, I've got so much to catch you up on.  Our lives here at the Dickinson household have changed quite a bit.  Well, not our lives, necessarily, just the logistics. Life is good.  Life is busy.  I thought I knew busy before, but I must say it's all perspective, I guess, because whew.  So here's what's new...

I'm working.  Well, that's not actually that new.  I thought about working as a new endeavor, but truth is that I have had my finger in some kind of working pie since Melaina was 18 months old.  The work I did never took me away from home longer than a couple of hours, but it was work nonetheless.  I had been an adjunct teacher for the past two years when all of a sudden the winds of opportunity blew open the doors and I have started teaching full time now.

My very first thought back in the spring when it looked like working was to become a reality this fall was "what about Clara?" I couldn't bear the thought of not being around her the great majority of the time.  She's so young, and so attached, and so on and so on and so on.  The truth of the matter is that kids are pretty great at adapting, it's us grown ups who tend to cling to the status quo.  So when school started, I cried pretty hard the first couple of mornings, while Clara got over the transition much quicker.  She loves her school and her teacher and her new little friends.  She is cracking us up non stop with her new words and phrases that are coming like rapid fire these days.

As for Melaina, she is a big time afternooner now and thinks she runs the place.  The "place" being  school, home, GG's, our living room, pretty much anywhere she goes.  She is such a vibrant and imaginative little girl and I cannot believe she will be 5 in just a couple weeks.  For anyone who doesn't know what an afternooner is, it is simply a primary student at Montessori who stays into the afternoon.  Yeah, it's kind of a big deal.

I love my work.  Seriously, when this crazy hectic life starts feeling all the more crazy and hectic, I just think that I am proud of what I do and lucky to have the chance to do it. And sure it has been a change for the whole family, but I want these two girls seeing their mom do what she is meant to do.  I was meant to be a mom and a teacher and a singer and a wife and yes that's a lot of things, but that's what's so great.

Oh, and did I mention that I work with my husband??  I mean, that I GET to work with my husband?  That's what I meant to say.  Tee Hee.  No seriously, it's pretty great.  We've done this in some shape or form for several years now with summer programs and such, so it's just more of the same in a way.  It's actually pretty cool.

OK, I think I've filled you in on all the new goings ons.  Now for the pictures.  I'll start with a few and then add lots more.  Oh, and Melaina stories will be coming soon, too.  She's had some doosies lately!  That girl is a trip.


It's amazing how quickly it can all go south...

 Eating her cupcake at Clara's and bff Presley's 2 year old b-day party

"I pity the fool who says a word about my sleeping outfit I chose to pack for the beach"

My sweet little nugget tired after an afternoon exploring Barrier Island

Well, more to come soon, folks.... until then...David Bowie, anyone??