Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Life is a blur! No. Really, an actual BLUR...

So you know the old cliche that we all use when we are asked by an acquaintance, "so, how's life been?" Rather than getting in to a long detailed rant on how your life seems to be spinning out of countrol, but you love it, but seriously, you need help, but these are the best times and so on, you just say, "oh, it's a blur". Well, at least that is what I say.

But as you can see from these photos, life at the Dickinson household is really, actually, literally, a BLUR. No one stands still for long enough to catch a decent photo and I never really like photos of myself except on rare occasion, so we are always trying to get photos of the girls and not so much the family thing. It never fails that posed photos of the 4 of us don't exactly turn out so well. A christmas card? Didn't happen. It's not that a photo didn't happen. My friend Laura took lots of great photos, but not one photo looked fit for human consumption. Why?

It's not that one person's hair isn't just so or that we're not all looking at the same spot, no, I would gladly take those mishaps. It's that as a whole, my beautiful family, we all look like it's the annual Olin Mills family day at the loony bin. I bet Annie Liebovitz herself would get huffy, walk out on a photo shoot of our family screaming "I can't work like this! Keep them still!"

I digress. Here are some recent photos of the blur...

Clara swinging...
Melaina swinging...
Clara at Melaina's birthday party living it up. Side note: that red ballon which Clara fell in love with and brought home from the party was still around our house until about a week ago. The party was in October. Weird balloon.
Melaina so excited on her birthday carriage ride... There were some decent pictures of this outing posted on an earlier post. There were many, however, that were not posted that looked like this. But here's the thing: ask anyone, my husband is a great photographer, so this is not to diminish his talent in any way shape or form. End of disclaimer.
Yes, that does look like millions and millions of dust particles to the left in the sunlight.
What's your point? Dust doesn't have time to settle around here, it just floats as if in an abyss, waiting for the next tumbling object to propel it to its new destination. Fun way to say that I hate to dust.
Now, this could have been a really cute picture if my children weren't being hooligans.
I really do love this blurry life.

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