Friday, March 9, 2012

Meet Baby Kitty

Baby Kitty has been around since Melaina was 10 months old. We were out one day just shopping and passing the time when we passed by the children's toys in World Market. Melaina said "kitty" and pointed to this little black and white stuffed kitty lying on the shelf. So I picked it ups and handed it to her. It was love at first sight. She hugged that kitty nd gave the biggest smile. I will never forget it. So I knew I had to buy it for her and that was that.

A few days passed and it was evident that not only did she love this little kitty, it became an appendage. She had to have it wherever she went. So I did what any sensible parent would do, I went back to World Market and bought three more for back ups. I kep them hidden and would only take one out when the main kitty needed washing. Well that all ended when Melaina grew and became more curious and found the other three kitties. So then all four kitties were in play.

Eventually, Melaina began to be able to tell the difference between all of them and named then each. Baby Kitty was her main squeeze, then Mama Kitty, Daddy Kitty and Cousin Kitty. There is no way to pass one for the other, she knows. That child knows baby Kitty from Mama Kitty no matter what.

Now Baby kitty has outfits and Melaina sews little blankets for her at school. Baby Kitty is like another person in this house. Very often BK will sit at the table with us for dinner, goes on trips with us, has her own seat in the car and so on.

I know this may not be very interesting to anyone else, but I had to write a post about Baby Kitty at some point or I would be leaving out a vital part of our family's experience. I sure hope Baby Kitty can hold out a while longer seeing as there is no sign of Melaina's infatuation slowing.

Yes, here are more pictures of this inanimate object otherwise known as Baby Kitty.

I am going against my better judgement to bring you this picture. We all look haggard and homeless. I remember feeling that way when this shot was taken. I look like white trash, but look at sweet little BK.
BK riding in style with M
Melaina trying to make a cozy moment happen between sissy and BK

My favorite: Baby Kitty on the little bear downtown at the Children's garden

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