Friday, February 24, 2012

Time flies when...

You know the rest. Let's face it though, time flies whether you are having fun or not. But these days I have to consciously tell myself to stop, take it all in, the good and the not as good, or else it will all be gone before I know it. Life is really good, no doubt about it. I love what I'm doing, teaching is wonderful. The girl's are healthy except for the nagging colds that they keep trading back and forth. I'm healthy, my husband's healthy. So really, all good stuff, but man am I pooped!!

Here's the latest:

Clara is getting to that really fun age where her personality is really taking root and cracking us up. There is such a strong little person in there. She is DIFFICULT, don't get me wrong. There are some days where I swear she clings to me all day and is in a constant state of trying to re-enter the womb, but she's a cuddle muffin and we love her dearly.

Here's a slice of life photo: Laundry Day at the Dickinsons'

Melaina is a hoot. Really there is no other way to say it. She says the most hilarious things and has no idea she is being funny. On the other hand, these days she is trying to learn how to tell jokes. These jokes of hers are just terrible and not funny at all, and instead of doing what we are probably supposed to do like saying "Oh, Melaina, that is so funny" we say, "Melaina, you have got to learn a good joke". Oh, well at least we're honest, right?

"Hey, let's get a picture of the eleph... Oh, hi, Melaina"

She is one tough cookie and takes a licking and keeps on ticking. Below is the biggest fat lip I have ever seen. I had to keep looking away from it because it made me queasy. At least she was wearing her Super Girl costume. Could've been much worse without it...

They are the best of buds. I can't get over how much Melaina loves to play with Clara as a real playmate. She has such a tender way about her and it is so sweet to watch. She loves to dress Clara up in beads, dresses, tutus, crowns, the works. Clara just lets her do it. Clara idolizes Melaina to put it mildly.

Best Friends

This was a picture from Grandpa's visit earlier this month. He, Tom and Melaina went to the Children's Museum and had a ball. Melaina loved the dinosaur exhibit.

Tom and I really don't have much time to ourselves apart nor together, so we were so excited to have the chance to get away earlier this month to Charleston. Tom had a bit of work to do during the day on Saturday but that wasn't a bad thing because for the first time in a long time, I just sat, drank coffee, got dressed without a 19 month old between my ankles, and wandered aimlessly around a town that wasn't mine. It was HEAVEN!! Great food, great shopping, great sleep. Now don't get me wrong, being that this was the first time I had EVER left Clara since she was born and only the second time I had left Melaina since she was Clara's age, I was a complete and total nervous wreck on the way down to Chuck Town- as the kids these days call it. Tom was stressed as he drove because my anxiety was extremely high and i can't see well in the dark and I assumed he was about to run us off the road since I couldn't see. It was hell. But then we arrived, took a walk with all the crazy college kids polluting the streets and yelling obscenities and got a couple drinks. That turned out to be awesome.

Photo of what I thought were sweet peas, but I think they are a different flower. Pretty, though. We found them tucked away in a neat little garden that was down one of those cute little alleys of King Street.

This is a video of me trying to rehearse with Melaina what to say if anyone at school commented on her lip. Just in case you can't hear...
Me: Wow, look at that lip
Melaina: You should see the other guy!

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